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Guatemala, a Central American country at the Southern border of Mexico, is technically located in the Tropics. Its actual climate, however, is quite varied, and the country is home to at least 19 different microclimates throughout its mostly mountainous terrain.

Use the interactive maps below to explore the geography and topography of beautiful Guatemala.

< Northern Highlands

The Northern Highlands, located in the Northwest corner of the country encompass the departments of Quetzaltenango, Totonicapan, San Marcos, and Huehuetenango. These Highlands are some of the most rural areas of Guatemala, mainly inhabited by the Mayan people.

It is an area of great cultural and ecological diversity, yet also suffers from one of the highest levels of poverty in the country. City and towns here are generally located in the valleys and radiate their numerous villages into the surrounding mountainsides.

v A Rugged Terrain

The Cuchumatanes mountain range is the highest in Central America. These jagged mountain peaks and deep valleys carved by small rivers create a dramatic and varied terrain. Communities locate themselves in pockets of usable land, but steep slopes and heavy rain make effective agricultural practice difficult in much of the region.

The annual weather cycle consists of a six-month dry season characterized by large amounts of dust and water shortages followed by a rainy season during the rest of the year that encourages plant and crop growth, swells the many rivers, and causes regular land- and mudslides.

*The maps above are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the actual locations of supported villages or the current location of any volunteers.

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